Our defense investigators use the latest software and technology and have been vetted to perform the following types of backgrounds checks:

  • Employment (credit history, work history, driving record, education, medical history, criminal record, drugs, social media uses)

  • Criminal (arrests, criminal state/federal court records, incarceration, warrants)

  • Professional (licenses, corporations, UCC)

  • Personal (assets, bankruptcies, judgments, relatives/associates, businesses, foreclosures, offenses, civil court records, conceal carry permits)

  • Office of Inspector General or OIG (health-care related crimes: Medicare/Medicaid fraud, patient abuse/neglect)

  • Credit

  • Social Media (all account including emails)

  • DMV (licenses and status, registered types (i.e., auto, watercraft, cycles, etc.), VIN, plates)

  • Credit (collections, credit repayment, liens, inquiries, judgments)

Whether you’re a law firm, employer, or insurance company contact us right away to schedule a consultation and start taking advantage of our latest technology and responsible investigative techniques.